Progressive Marketing Dynamics (PMD)

PMD is a multifaceted design agency that delivers premium advertising products and services. We work in all mediums including print, web design, radio, television, direct mail, and more! Our mission statement is simple. We make advertising an asset to your business without stress or hassle. The primary focus at PMD is our commitment to meeting the client’s needs and helping them bring their vision to reality. We go above and beyond any other advertising agency because we get it.

Our print department is a vital part of our agency. We tailor the message to fit each client’s audience and situation with ground breaking print ads that stand above and beyond the competition.

Every video production is custom made for each client and the consumer market we are targeting. Our videos are built from the ground up resulting in unbeatable, target driven spots that will captivate your audience.

Our approach to web design separates us from the crowd. We believe a web site should complement the clients other advertising venues. We have built a reputation for creating attractive and effective websites that prove to be an asset in your advertising portfolio.

The most important part of a radio ad is, of course, the script. Our scripts are the vehicles to creating radio spots that deliver your message and drive the customers to your dealership.

Too often, traditional advertising bases the creative work on the media or vehicle in which it will be delivered. At PMD, we believe the message the client wants to communicate and the creative process involved in its delivery should drive the method of communication. In our experience we find this method yields a finished product that puts your information in front of the audience you want to target in an effective and unique way.