Brigid Allanson - "Frigid"

Illustration & Graphics Production Director

Place of Origin: Born in Ohio, raised in New Jersey

By day, Brigid can be found at her desk at PMD working hard to create pretty graphics for clients. Using her experience learned at The Kubert School of Graphic Art and Design, she loves it when she can use her illustrative skills to really bring a project to life.

By night, Brigid can be found as Frigid, the ice queen. Her blood is cold and so is every bone, as she’s constantly freezing, especially in the winter. Seriously, turn the heat up! She uses her ice abilities to rid the world of bad art and design. She loves eating, sleeping, playing video games, teaching weekend art classes, and creating fun games that include drawing.

Superpowers & Abilities

  • The ability to wear lots of blankets and still be cold
  • Turn someone to ice just by looking at them
  • Being able to use a computer mouse despite her hands being frozen