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Darien Gabriel-Jones


Graphic Designer

Darien was born and raised in New Jersey and attended both Passaic County Community College and Berkeley College. While in college, Darien initially pursued an Environmental Science degree. However, after a few classes he felt it wasn’t the right fit for him so he gave Graphic Design a chance. After that, he knew he found the field for him.

Before joining the PMD team, he worked at two doggy day cares and also interned at Eva's Village in Paterson.

Darien is proficient in Photoshop, InDesign, and Adobe Illustrator. As a Graphic Designer, Darien creates digital and print media for our clients that help them stand apart from the competition, while strengthening their brand.

When he isn’t designing, Darien likes to kick back and play video games or take some photos with his Canon T5.


  • Video Games
  • Photography with his Canon T5
  • Quality Test Mozzarella Sticks at Every Restaurant he goes to
  • Going to Target for One Thing and Impulse Buying a Whole Aisle