Mark Woloshyn - "Businessman"

Brand Advisor

Place of Origin: Matawan, NJ

By day, Mark (AKA “Businessman”) is constantly in contact with clients. Mark has over 35 years of retail and media sales experience. From broadcast to cable and now a Full-Service Ad Agency, Mark has honed both his inter-personal and listening skills, both vital when working with clients and their businesses.

Mark started his career at Barney’s NY and continued on to Giorgio Armani at Saks Fifth Avenue. On advice from a valued trend client, Mark then transitioned into the television advertising industry. He spent 17 years at CBS, Comcast and Viamedia/VerizonFIOS. Mark took the same level of service he delivered in the retail world and imported it into television ad sales. Mark has spent the last 5 years writing the perfect screenplay, which he hopes will be in a theatre near you soon. He is a NY Jets/NY Rangers/NY Mets season ticket holder and is always game for a great road trip.

Superpowers & Abilities

  • Screenwriting
  • Supersonic hearing
  • Ability to strike deals