Place of Origin: Hempstead, NY. Raised in Elizabeth, NJ

Graduated from DeVry University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development.

Alex brings a wealth of experience to PMD, cutting and editing videos for many local businesses including legal videos, for lawyers and doctors. Applying his skills in motion graphics, as well as audio mixing for every video. Alex enjoys operating the camera and directing video shoots. Along with video production, he has also created websites, flyers, menus, and other graphics used by businesses. Alex has worn many hats, even leading a creative team.

By night, you can find Alex playing his electric and acoustic guitars, as well as being involved in the local music scene. And when he isn’t playing music, you can find him attending many concerts. He also loves spending time with his friends and family any chance he gets.

Superpowers & Abilities