Tom Bowen - "The Big Sleep"

Video & Audio Producer
IMG_5724 Edited.jpg

Place of Origin: Greenwood Lake, NY

By day, you can find Tom (AKA "The Big Sleep") cutting videos and creating beauitful graphics in Premier/After Effects. Before joining the PMD team, Tom spent the past two years working in a news environment for WRNN in Rye Brook, New York. He is self taught for the most part but wants to give a shout out to his High School diploma from Warwick Valley HS.

By night, you can find Tom playing either a video game or a tabletop game. He DMs a Dungeons & Dragons game every Thursday night and he is usually wrapped up in one MMO or another along with a variety of other PC games. He also reads a lot of manga and the occasional American comic in his spare time.

Tom has watched every episode of the English dubbed Japanese Iron Chef episodes at least five times each and he tries to catch as many local pro wrestling shows as he can handle or his girlfriend can stand. He has VR at home and has only kicked the cats accidently a few times while using it.

Superpowers & Abilities

  • Hibernation
  • Deadpan
  • Caffeine tolerance
  • Infinite stomach