About Us




PMD - Where Creativity Comes First!

PMD is a full-service advertising agency driven to move your business forward. Our in-house full production capabilities allow us to control costs and production quality for our clients. PMD has award winning creative, dedicated client support, and trailblazing marketing innovations.

Our Services

Broadcast: From campaign conception to the broadcasting of your TV and radio commercials, we never compromise on quality. In-house development ensures proper brand management that fits within your budget and captivates the audience.

Digital: PMD utilizes the latest industry insights to create targeted campaigns. We research the prime audience for your brand and directly target those customers - resulting in a much higher response rate.

Social Media: Not only does PMD create engaging content but we also ensure your brand has a digital presence. By implementing fresh and effective social media campaigns, your brand will be front and center when customers are posting online.

Print: PMD’s team of artists develop collateral that cuts through the clutter capturing the heart of your consumers. Our goal is to take your brand out of the cul-de-sac and onto the Autobahn.

Media Buying Power

We are sure to put your brand front and center by targeting the type of consumer that will purchase your product. Our focused strategy of cable & radio buying, combined with a unique, direct message puts your brand in front of the competition! Using specific techniques to find out where your customers are coming from, we make sure there is no wasted messaging.