About Us

PMD - Where Creativity Comes First!

Launched in 2004 by a former dealer principal, PMD is a full-service, car dealership focused, advertising agency designed to assist you in total market domination. All creative is done in-house, allowing us to keep production costs low while maintaining strict quality standards. PMD provides:
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Our expert media buyers use demographic information and comprehensive data to get your dealership brand in front of relevant, qualified customers. Our programmatic media strategy ensures that your television and radio budgets are executed with maximum effectiveness. We constantly optimize our strategy based on industry trends and the needs of your individual dealership.

From campaign conception to creative production, to the broadcast of your TV, radio and streaming commercials, our team tailors each project to your needs. We handle all production in-house to ensure all creative positively reflects your dealership brand, fits within your budget, and captivates your target audience to ensure total market domination. 

Our expert media strategy also applies to new and emerging platforms like the major social media networks. By creating digital assets that appeal to your desired customers, we can launch highly targeted, measurable social media campaigns that drive traffic to your dealership and help you sell more vehicles.

Our in-house team handles your dealerships positive and negative reviews, with a focus on customer satisfaction, acquisition and retention. By encouraging customers to review your dealership, you increase the likelihood of both referrals and positive organic search traffic to your dealership website.

By using the latest industry insights and trends, our digital team produces assets and launches campaigns that bring your dealership brand image to the forefront of the online consumer. By regularly analyzing campaign performance, our team constantly optimizes your digital efforts to market to your desired customers effectively and within your budget. 

Graphic Design

Our talented team of graphic artists develop visual assets that target your audience and support your dealership brand. Print and digital assets are custom created for your dealership.

We provide:

Business Cards
Digital Journal Ads
Direct Mail
Display Banners
Newspaper Ads
Point of Sale
Promo Items
Vehicle Wraps
Website Sliders

Website Management

The PMD team regularly reviews dealership websites for compliance, accuracy, and to ensure a flawless customer experience from start to finish. Our team produces compelling graphics that positively reflect your dealership brand and increase engagement on your website.