What Do You Charge Your Clients?

We believe the best way for an automotive marketing agency to manage a long-term client relationship is to keep billing simple. 

We charge a standard 15% commission on all media billed through us, with all marketing strategy and digital strategy included free of charge. This amount is baked into the media buy(s) you pre-approve for us to place on your behalf.  The only other thing you pay for is video production for our in-house team to produce what is needed for TV or digital use, and/or a voice over charge for radio production.  We never charge for: graphics, web sliders, landing pages, art needed by media and/or digital companies not billing through us, media research, consultative time, signage, or point of sale design work. 

This way you get a simple invoice every month, instead of a long-drawn-out individual charge for each and everything we do for you on a monthly basis. 

There is a standard $3,000 minimum needed, which is typically paid in full by media you bill through us (remember, all you need to do is run a minimum of $20,000 of media through us for you to have a zero minimum charge. In the event you run less than that through us, you would only owe the difference between the media commission earned and the standard minimum). 

We never ask for a term agreement or contract; even though we always work to enjoy a long-term relationship, you can fire us at any time.