Yes, we absolutely do. 

In today’s world, fully knowing both the Federal (FTC) and State ad regulations are critical to everyone’s legal wellbeing.  We will never run an illegal ad. For over twenty-years we have always said: “We have no idea what the color of the carpet is in the AG’s office is, and we have no interest in finding out now.”

All government agencies see car dealerships as an easy target to generate revenue through fines that are extremely punitive.  As an example, if a dealership leaves just one expired offer on their YouTube channel, the FTC can fine that store $10,000. 

Now take that out to ten, twenty, or even more left and not removed once the stated expiration date has past and the bill presented for you to pay will be both extremely expensive along with a blow to the public image to your store.

We always search on your behalf and prevent that from happening in all necessary channels of advertisement.