How do I submit for manufacturer pre-approval / co-op reimbursement?

As car people, we understand this topic is of the utmost importance to any dealership, especially when it comes to ad expense and cash flow.

Unless specifically instructed to not make an ad and/or media buy non co-opable, we always go through the steps to make sure everything is manufacturer compliant and approved.  In this way when claims are filed, we know you will be reimbursed.

We are so sure our research, proofing, pre-approval, and approval steps are correct we will eat any claim not paid for by your manufacturer even after an appeal comes up empty. Since there is not a standard accepted manner in which co-op is pre-approved and approved, we make it our business to have learned exactly what your manufacture(s) require long before we ever attempt to earn your business.

Also, we always keep up to date with all manufacturers we work with as co-op requirements change from time to time.

In short, it’s up to PMD to insure you are properly represented by an educated agency that always knows what will and what will not be approved at the manufacturer level.