These are the most important things to work regularly with your team and your ad agency:


  1. Understand and review your Pump In/Pump Out Data.


  1. Understand your new vehicle rate of travel and inbound allocations ongoing.


  1. Understand there is a sub-market of people who purchased their lease vehicle and have “vehicle fatigue” because they have been in that unit much longer than they wanted to. This sub-market will explode with desire to get something new once given the opportunity to do so.  How to communicate with this group and manage these conversations is crucial to retaining them as customers when the time comes for them to get that new unit they have been wanting.


  1. We live in a world of distractions; rival dealerships who maintain some level of story line with their retail community aren’t forgotten. Have a conservative cost-effective plan in place now to maintain your dealerships brand awareness in your market so people don’t forget you exist.  As an example, it’s not enough to conclude that being in business for 50 years will allow consumers to remember you when they are ready to do business. 


  1. Have a solid emergence plan to dominate your market once the correct number of units are both on the ground and inbound instead of waiting to see inventory and then scrambling to cobble something together.