Big Dealer Data


Big Dealer Data - Information Drives Results℠

It's time to put your dealership's information in the driver's seat. Your dealership produces huge amounts of data on a daily basis. Unfortunately, it's spread across multiple platforms and programs that don’t communicate to each other. Big Dealer Data creates a way for them to speak to one another. We leverage the power of machine learning to train your advertising to stop wasting money and focus on the ads, keywords, demographics, programmatic media and settings which drive real results into your store. 

Big Dealer Data's combination of machine assisted optimization and dealership specific strategies yield results because they are driven by results. Your results.

  • Reduce wasted ad spend

  • Discover what is driving measurable results

  • Redeploy budget and scale what is working

  • Maximize market share where results are born

Founded by real car guys with decades of experience working in and with dealerships. Big Dealer Data was founded by two career automotive industry veterans who then started two independent advertising agencies. Our strategies, account settings, targeting, campaign structures and analysis were born inside the walls of several dealerships we actually worked in or owned. They were then further refined over the years as automotive advertising executives.