Place of Origin: Ridgewood, NJ

By day, you can find Nicole (AKA “Vector Vixen”) sitting at her desk surrounded by all things purple at PMD. With over 10 years of design experience and 6.5 years in automotive advertising, she’s a huge asset to the team. Her love of design and music granted her a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design & Vocal Performance.

By night, you can find The Vector Vixen swimming to the bottom of the ocean burying all the bad art, or creating vector masterpieces in Illustrator. When Nicole isn’t swimming or creating art, you can find her binging Netflix, doing outdoor activities (especially ones that revolve around water) or watching horror movies. Nicole loves animals and hopes to get a dog one day, (but for now, her cuddly daughter Ellie, will have to do). She enjoys playing VR, she adores Shih Tzus, and her favorite color is purple.

Superpowers & Abilities