Using a Uniform Message vs. a Different Message for Various Media Types

                 Using a uniform message vs. a different message for various media types A uniform message is less expensive to manage, while being easier for the consumer to remember. Remember this acronym: TOMA – Top of Mind Awareness. TOMA is a key concept in market research. It is […]

The Bad News About Ad Agencies for Car Dealers

The bad news about ad agencies for car dealers Representation by an ad agency causes issues. Without the ability to understand how and/or why vehicles are sold the way they are or need to be, it’s very easy for things to come completely off the rails due to people having opinions which all stack up […]

Using an Ad Agency vs. an In-House Agency

Using an ad agency vs. an in-house agency There is no one way to go.  The reality is that some dealerships and/or groups function best in either solution.  We have experience working with in-house agencies as well as in-house marketing managers.  Our job is to be a conduit for ideas, solutions, and work product.  If […]

Do you File for Co-op Reimbursement?

Do you file for co-op reimbursement? Yes.  We can either file all co-op claims on your behalf, or provide you with the necessary documents for you to file it all yourself.   We never charge for filing on your behalf.

Do you Have State and Federal Legal Compliance Experience?

Do you have state and federal legal compliance experience? Yes, we absolutely do.  In today’s world, fully knowing both the Federal (FTC) and State ad regulations are critical to everyone’s legal wellbeing.  We will never run an illegal ad. For over twenty-years we have always said: “We have no idea what the color of the […]

Do you Have Experience With our Manufacturer(s)?

Do you have experience with our manufacturer(s)? It’s impossible to claim a yes answer to this.  While we have either a past or current relationship and experience with most manufacturer’s today, there’s always that franchise we need to learn about. Rest assured however, we make it our business to fully understand what is needed and […]

Will you ever Represent my Competition?

Will you ever represent my competition? No.  It’s that simple.  We will never represent your competition.  Think about it this way… any agency that does must decide who to give the next “great idea”, concept, or ad plan to. In our opinion, you should always get the best of everything.  That is how a store […]

How do I Submit for Manufacturer Pre-approval and Co-op Reimbursement?

How do I submit for manufacturer pre-approval / co-op reimbursement? As car people, we understand this topic is of the utmost importance to any dealership, especially when it comes to ad expense and cash flow. Unless specifically instructed to not make an ad and/or media buy non co-opable, we always go through the steps to […]

What are the Most Effective Types of Ads for Car Dealers?

What are the Most Effective Types of Ads for Car Dealers? The basic answer in our industry is, whatever drives the most traffic.  Think deeper though. Ads for dealerships resonate both long and short-term with consumers in both the fixed and variable departments.  As car people, we always want immediate results and push hard […]