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PMD’s CEO, Joe Levine, sat down with Brian Ankney of Babcox Media to discuss the current state of the automotive industry and more! Watch below:

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What are the most effective automotive marketing strategies for new car dealerships?

The basic answer in the automotive industry is, whatever drives the most traffic. Think deeper though.

Ads for automotive dealerships resonate both long and short-term with consumers in both the fixed and variable departments.  As car people, we always want immediate results and push hard to achieve that.  However, we consider the ramifications of all advertising to provide a long-lasting, positive result that compliments the brand your store(s) require.

We always find that a balanced approach to automotive advertising in specific digital and traditional media works best.  One size never fits all, however.  What works at one auto dealership may not even work down the street for someone else.  We have proven this with intense market and demographic research as well as consumer focus group work.

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